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My #Gymshark66 Journey | January Reflections

For those of you who don’t know, Gymshark 66 is a campaign built on the principle that it takes 66 days for you to build a habit. It, therefore, challenges you to take 66 days to work towards achieving your goals. They might be physical, they might be mental – whatever you want to achieve on your journey! At GSHQ, we’re taking part as well. Every week, we’re taking on new challenges and tracking our progress. As well as tracking the company journey over on Gymshark Central, I thought I would share with you guys my personal progress. 


As we come to the end of the first month of Gymshark 66, I have a lot more to reflect on that I first expected. My goals at the start were physical, mental and personal. I have some big goals for 2019, and I wanted to use my 66 days to help focus my mind and help me kick start the year in the right direction.


When you think about Gymshark 66, the first thing that probably comes to mind is hitting the gym and getting a sweat on, and I would be lying if I said this wasn’t a key part of my journey.

My main aim was to regain my strength and smash old PBs out of the park over the 66 days, and so far, so good. Although I continued to train when I started work, it definitely took a back seat and lost a lot of the structure that I credited for my progress prior. Now I have regained that structure, got a training plan and am able to balance exercise, work and social life in a way that keeps me happy as well as healthy.

I am also continuing on with my journey to become a ‘runner’. RED January, alongside 66, has exhausted me, and I did not quite manage to achieve my goal of 5K every day. However, I did alright and it is important that I am not too harsh on myself as doing both together while fighting off the aftermath of glandular fever was always going to be a challenge. Learning to show myself more compassion, leads me on to my next set of goals – the mental.



As we all know, mental health is just as important as physical health and so it was important for me to create goals that were going to help me strengthen and protect it.

My first and most broad goal was to start taking care of myself again. After leaving University I immediately thought all of my problems were going to go away, and so safeguards I have put in places and skills I had learnt to protect my mental health, were thrown out of the window – I was a strong independent working woman, I just didn’t have the time.

Yep, makes you cringe doesn’t it.

While reflecting on this I realised how naïve I had been that leaving University and starting work was going to be a saving grace for all my mental health issues and concerns. Therefore, my main aim for the 66 days is to get back that focus I had before. It has been challenging, and I did not expect to regain all my good habits in the first month, but steps in the right direction have definitely been made. And you know what, now I am back taking care of myself in the right ways, I feel stronger and more independent than ever before.



By taking time to focus on strengthening my mental health, I have also been able to achieve some of my personal goals for Gymshark 66. This included everything from reading more books, to finally making steps in the direction of moving out and finding a new house (both of which I have succeeded in this month). 

Since starting working, I have learnt how easy it is to neglect your own personal development. When you are on the hunt for a job, you tend to make an active effort to develop your skills, network and try new things. However, as soon as you’re in work, these things all tend to take a back seat. Gymshark 66 has therefore been an opportunity for me to address this.

While it is tough to fit in with a full-time job, the past month has been fantastic for my personal development. I have thrown myself into loads of new things. I’ve attending networking events, read more non-fiction books, booked short city breaks and even attended talks on crypto-currency! Weird flex, but okay. 

Personal development over the past month has been fantastic, and I credit a lot of this to improving my mental and physical health. Turns out development and progress is kind of like a triangle, and all sides have to be strong for it to stand upright.



Gymshark 66 is nowhere near over, and I still have a lot of work to do to achieve my goals. However, so far I am loving the journey, which was incredibly important to me. In between goals, it is vital to appreciate the present, and I definitely feel like I am learning to do that.

Are you taking part in Gymshark 66? Or have you just set yourself New Years Resolutions? I want to hear about how you guys have found your January, and the lessons you are going to take from it into next month. 

Jamie x 


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