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The Healing Power Of Crystals | Rubbish Or Reality?

Hey guys and gals! How are we all doing today? 

For about a year now I have been seeing a meditation/reiki practitioner. The first couple of times I went I was very unconvinced by the whole thing but recently I have found myself really benefitted from the sessions and able to practise the skills learnt myself. In my last session a few months back we worked with crystals. She asked me to choose a crystal from her collection and hold it during the session. Erm, you what?

Anyway, an hour later I had finished the session and my crystal was boiling hot. Apparently my own energy and that of the crystals (again, you what?) had ‘infused’. Holding the crystal had allowed me to dissolve my negative energy and increase the flow of positive energy and vitality throughout my body. I fobbed it off a little but you can bet the next time I went into a shop selling crystals I picked one up and I have been using it since. I’m pleased to say that I have found having my own crystal incredibly helpful and so I thought today I would explore the idea of healing crystals and whether or not the benefits associated with them are rubbish or reality. 

Luna is definitely a fan! 

What are healing crystals?

The healing power of crystals has been celebrated throughout history, being traced back to the ancient Egyptians who once believed these gems had the power to restore health. Recently, these supposed ‘healing crystals’ have seen an increase in popularity as more and more of us are convinced that crystals have energy properties that can work within our own energy systems. Krista Mitchell, a crystal healing teacher and author of the book Change Your Energy: Healing Crystals for Health, Wealth, Love & Luck, has been teaching people how to heal themselves since 2004 and is convinced that these natural means of restoring energy are the way to a balanced body and mind. In theory this means that if your life and emotions are a little out of whack, say you’re starting a new job or have an exam, these rocks can help to restore a sense of emotional balance. ‘Crystal healing’ is a term that applies these ideas to a certain type of therapy. This involves placing gem stones on your body or in nearby places to help draw out negative energy.

All sounds pretty good, right?

But what does science say?

Hate to be the one to break it to you, but science remains unconvinced. The truth is, there is zero scientific evidence that that crystals have any healing properties. In fact, the majority of scientists out there would probably fob it off as B.S. Let’s be honest, this probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to you – it certainly didn’t to me – so why do I bother? Well, they might not heal your ailments, but they might soothe the soul.

My Experience and the Power of Placebo

When my mental health was at its very worst, crystals did nothing for me. I needed professional and medical support and there is no shame in that. Healing crystals are not going to suddenly heal your bumps and bruises, they are not going to cure depression, but healing crystals have worked wonders on helping my find a sense of calm. Now, I don’t want to sound all Eyal from Love Island but it’s true. As I have learnt how to control my emotions through support and a lot of hard work, crystal healing offers me the opportunity to be mindful and present and explore resources beyond present options.

It didn’t happen straight away and it took a lot of perseverance, imagination and acceptance. Just as with mindfulness, my healing crystal acts as a physical reminder to quieten the chaos going on in my mind and reconnect with the present. The crystal is not magic by any means, I know it is all coming from inside my own body and mind but I am convinced that through openness and a belief in the potential for calmness, I have found a way in which I can reconnect and enjoy life without the stresses of the outside world.

I keep my crystal next to my bed and when I attempt to practise meditation I will hold it in my hands. If I am feeling particularly stressed I will hold my crystal and take a moment to contemplate and reassess the situation. I have found this is what works best for me. Some people keep their under their bed, some have them in their bag or even in their bra so it is with them at all times! I like to keep mine in my bedroom in ‘my space’ as a way to literally and metaphorically escape.

Which crystal is for me? 

Depending on how deep you want to go, each crystal supposably has a different intent and you can therefore choose a crystal based upon your purpose. My crystal, for example, is Rose Quartz. This stone is known as the love stone and is meant to help to enhance your self love and positive energy, opening you up to all different forms of love. I just think it’s very pretty.

A few other examples are as follows:

  • Amethyst: It helps to control disruptive and addictive behaviours and allows you to enhance your intuition.
  • Citrine: This the stone of success and enhanced your individual power.
  • Soladite: This stone helps to clear up any confusion and maintain concentration.
  • Aventurine: This is known as the stone of luck – whether that be luck in love, fortune or your career.
  • Aquamarine: This beautiful stone helps us to brave the unknown and can lead to increased creativity.
  • Clear quartz: This stone is known for encouraging focus, balance, positivity and clarity.

If you’re wondering which might be best for you, you can take this quiz. Not sure how accurate these things are but it’s worth it just for a bit of fun! The Energy Muse blog is also full of loads of great information about crystals and their healing powers if you are interested – I would really recommend taking a look!

‘Everything in Life is Vibration’ – Albert Einstein

Whether simply placebo or natural healers, I believe that your thoughts are in line with the vibrations of that which you surround yourself with. Healing crystals have provided me with some sort of accountability to make time for myself and that’s good enough for me. 

Jamie x 



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  1. August 15, 2018 / 11:38 am

    I love healing crystals and I really benefit for them. I love rose quartz and selenite! I write about them on my blog if you fancy checking them out.

    Shannon x

    • jamieleejenkinsfitness
      October 5, 2018 / 7:01 pm

      I will definitely have a look x

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