Is Face Day the New Leg Day? Giving a DIY Fitness Facial a Shot.

‘“Your weekly must have” Comprised of a warm up, cardio, strength and cool down, this high-intensity circuit…’

Sounds great, right? What if I told you this was the start of the description of the cheapest package available at FaceGym? That’s right, this warm up, cardio, strength and cool down is for your face! Apparently this is not a new thing (I guess I’m just not down with the kids) and you have been able to hit up this 30 minute class in London for the past 2 years. It will set you back £50 a session but will give you a non-invasive facial work out that will detoxify your skin, tone your muscles and contour your face. 

I asked my trusty Twitter and Instagram followers all about their thoughts on the idea of Face Gyms and people were a little bit skeptical with 54% answering ‘WTH are you on about?’, 23% for yes, they would give it a go and 23% for no they wouldn’t. Anyway, for the 54% that had no idea what I was going on about, the idea came about as a way of working those forgotten 40 muscles in your face without having to go for invasive treatment. The founder, Inge Theron set up FaceGym after a face-lifting procedure left her house bound. Inge decided there must be a better way that having your face poked, prodded and sliced and, after a whole lot of research, she came up with this workout out for your face. I was intrigued and so I took a little look on FaceGym’s website. £50 for 30 minutes seems pretty steep to me. Luckily, I managed to find a ‘do it yourself class’ on the site and so I thought, hey why not? Not like I’ve got a degree to be revising for… Anyway 6 minutes 8 seconds later I was a face training pro. Well not quite…

The Stretch

Things didn’t start off too well. It requires ‘using your breathe’, just like yoga. Something I’m not exactly great at… I’ll be honest at this point I kind of just felt like I was pulling my face. There didn’t seem to be loads of technique to it but then again I was only at stage one and I was feeling optimistic.

The Warm Up 

NO ONE TOLD ME I NEEDED A BALL. Apparently I should have rubbed a little bosu ball all over my face, which I do not have and the big one wasn’t quite working. I just gave my face a bit of a rub instead. That should do the trick, right? 

The Work Out 

This is really something I would recommend doing alone. Or at least not with someone you’re trying to impress. I looked like I was pretending to be an old toothless man trying to suck a straw. The woman looked a lot more attractive than I imagined I did. I then had to start making noises which took the whole thing to a whole new level of sexy. Imagine a dying seagull… yeah, that was me. 

Next up I was sculpting my cheek bones. Okay, so for this you had to hook your fingers at either side of your mouth like a fish and pulse it. Is this woman joking? No, okay fine I’m pulsing… Just when I thought it couldn’t get much weirder, it did. Next thing I knew I was rubbing the inside of my mouth and blowing. Maybe this would be the way to go if you were trying to impress someone after all…

The next stage was working my eyes. You know like when you were a kid and you got that ‘no tears’ shampoo in your eyes and it felt like your eye balls were being burnt from your skull and you began to blink frantically, accepting you were about to be blinded? Turns out we were actually giving ourselves an eye workout!

Cool Down 

Thank god that’s over. 6 minutes 8 seconds was definitely enough of that for anyone.

Luckily, if you actually do go to the classes, it a little more than just 30 minutes of rubbing. A lovely lady at met at Cosmopolitan Self Made Summit was able to shed a little more light on the subject for me. Apparently her Mum had been to the FaceGym in London and absolutely loved it! A personal trainer (don’t know what sort of qualifications these guys have but just to let my clients know, I will not be offering face rubs anytime soon…) uses knuckling movements and whipping strokes to stimulate blood circulation and collagen production. This then gives the illusion of having had a face lift. The trainer then uses an electrical muscle stimulation device that emits mild electrical waves to stimulate the muscles and restore your skin’s elasticity.

I can kind of see how this would work in theory. When you do leg day you get that post leg day pump when all the blood rushes to the booty, so maybe that could happen to your face. The problem is as soon as your done that booty pop begins to disappear unless you’re doing it a lot. Does this mean scheduling in face day? And can anyone afford £50 a week on top of a gym membership for it?  


 Maybe if I won the lottery I would give it a go but as a poor student I don’t think it is something that is going to be happening anytime soon. If you want to give it a go (and I would seriously recommend it even it is just for a laugh) I would definitely head over the YouTube and give it a google before investing in a class. A lot can probably be done from the comfort of your own bedroom (I did a bit of searching and it turns out you can buy the EMS (the electric muscle stimulant online, even though it will set you back £429!). Hate to be a party pooper but something tells me the #chinpic is not going to be replacing the #bootypic anytime soon. 

Jamie x 



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