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‘Worth a Shot?’ Two Weeks With Apple Cider Vinegar…

Happy Friday guys and gals. So here on Jamie Lee Jenkins Fitness we like to test out the latest health trends to see if they really are worth the hype. I say we, it’s just me really, but my point still stands.

As you have probably seen if you have been anywhere near a fitness Instagram or Holland and Barrett store, Apple Cider Vinegar is the new craze. People are downing shots or blending it up in a smoothie, whatever it takes to get their daily dose of the good stuff.

I did a bit of reading on this and apparently it comes with a load of health benefits. It can help with weight loss, bloating, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, blood pressure and relieving symptoms of acid reflux just to name a few.

Sounds good, right? Well, I thought I would give it a go and let you guys know whether I think Apple Cider Vinegar is ‘worth a shot’. 


Days 1-4

So far I am yet to venture into the land of vinegar smoothies and so it has just been a shot of straight vinegar. Go hard or go home as they say.

I’ll be honest, it burns a little and doesn’t exactly taste great but I have definitely done worse (Aloe Vera juice, I’m looking at you!). I’ve picked up some fruit and veggies so tomorrow I can make myself a kale and vinegar smoothie and be the real definition of #health.

In terms of any health benefits, I do feel a little less bloated but that could also be down to the fact I spent all last week shoving Easter eggs in my mouth… I think it is too soon to tell. I don’t feel worse but right now I can’t say as I am feeling dramatically better and toilet wise, we have yet to have any miracles. If you know what I mean… 

Days 4-8

So it’s been just over a week now and I have finally ventured into the world of vinegar smoothies. You know what, they’re not that bad. I made mine with spinach, kale, vinegar, apple, pear and banana and it was decent. Nothing to write home about but certainly better than chucking it back straight. Kind of like vodka and lemonade. You still know it’s there but you don’t made that weird face as you question why you’re drinking something that is making your throat burn.

In terms of the health benefits, well, I am one happy girl. I’m not feeling half as bloated as I was before and toilet time is becoming a lot more regular and, well… satisfactory. I wouldn’t say my bloat has completely disappeared and it has certainly not proven to be a miracle cure just yet but I really am seeing some benefits.

Days 8-12

I have two days left of my trial and I am pretty sure I will carry on with my shot of vinegar every morning. I’ve got used to the taste now and don’t mess around with smoothies unless I am really in the mood. I just chuck it back and then have a glass of water ready to wash it down with.

I am seeing all the same health benefits that I saw in days 4-8, just even more so now. I assume this is because it’s had time to get into my system now and work its magic.

One thing I have started to think about is what this is doing to my poor teeth! I’m making sure I am brushing straight after and so I don’t think it is going to be too much of a problem unless I start gargling with it (which trust me I am not going to be doing). I have read that some people use a straw to prevent it damaging their teeth but I have yet to try this. Who knows, might be something I try in the future if I keep it up.

Days 12-14 

And I have finished… 14 days later and I have finished my Apple Cider Vinegar trial. So, was it worth a shot? You know what, I have to say yes. I’ll be honest, as much as I wanted to find something that was going to get rid of my bloating and help me go to the loo, I was not convinced it was going to be apple cider vinegar but I really have being pleasantly surprised!

Like I said, it is not a miracle cure. I’m still bloating a little but not half as much as I was and even when I do it is settling down a lot quicker. I also cannot report that it has cured my IBS, however, it has definitely helped with going to the toilet.

So, yeah… apple cider vinegar has earned itself a spot in my daily routine. It might not be a porn star martini but hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. 

Jamie x 


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