Lights, Camera, Action…

Hey guys and happy Friday! I am back this week with something a little bit different for you but something very exciting all the same. I would even go as far as saying this was one of my favourite experiences at University so it definitely deserves a blog post all of its own. I’ve been doing the student radio now for 3 years and I have done a couple of live broadcasts in my time, usually as a panellist or out and about chatting with people. This year, I decided to audition for the role of main TV presenter for Varsity. Basically, Varsity is the biggest sport competition on the Warwick University calendar. Out sports teams battle it out against Coventry University and Warwick have so far won 27/27 competitions. By the time this is published it should be 28/28 but let’s not get too cocky… Anyway, long story short, I got the role and I was TERRIFIED – excited, but absolutely terrified. Here’s how it went down… 

Before Varsity, if I am entirely honest, I had no idea how big the role I had taken on was. I was pretty chilled – ‘yeah, course I can chat about netball for a bit…’ Oh, live on camera. With talk back. Throughout the whole match. Suuuuure, why not. I went along to all the meetings and felt very uneducated when it came to the tech but when the talk came to the match that was my time to shine… I say shine, I played a bit in year 10 and once scored in our house competition and didn’t stop talking about it until I got my A-levels so I guess you could say I’m basically a professional player. Right guys? Right? Safe to say, I had some research to do. But Jamie, we’re not here to read about the boring prep stuff, we want to know about your time in front of the camera. I’m getting to that bit, but first I should say that the people responsible for the technical side of these broadcasts are absolute wizards. Honestly, it was absolutely incredible and they should be very proud (and also given grad jobs if anyone’s hiring). 


Am I the next Holly Willoughby yet? No? Maybe next time… 

Anyway, as the title says, LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION. That was never said once but it makes it a little more dramatic. I had my little head set one and my lovely panel of ladies by my side. The talk back in my ear started and I was stressed. If you have ever used talk back you will know how stressful it is being live on air having a conversation, whilst listening to other conversations in your ear and trying to subtly take instructions all the while acting cool as a cucumber. I started the opener.

broadcast 2

‘Hire me, I’m cute xo’ 

The first section flew by. Adrenaline got me through it and after that I was feeling a lot more relaxed. I had sussed the talk back and was able to chill a little and watch the game. I knew I had 2 short interviews to do during the quarters that I had to find people for, then after that it was half time and full time and then home. Easy. Turns out that finding people to come on a live broadcast is pretty tough so the quarters were not quite as simple as planned but they worked out alright in the end. Half time came a lot quicker  than I expected and unfortunately our team were losing – not great but at least it made for more interesting commentary… 


The last 15 minutes I was able to really chill and enjoy the game that the 2 teams had worked really hard for. We came back at full time and I signed off the broadcast. Overall, the experience was incredible. Being in front of a camera is daunting but it was so much fun. The technical team were absolutely incredible and honestly the broadcast was so smooth and professional. I am super proud of myself but standing in front of a camera really is the easy job. Yes I had to fill some awkward gaps and risk looking like an idiot, but the real work is what goes on behind the scenes.


This might be my first and last time as the main presenter at University, but I certainly hope it won’t be the last time I have the pleasure of being in front of the camera, working with such passionate people and producing such high quality broadcast journalism. I tip my hat off to everyone involved. WE SMASHED IT.  

Jamie x 

Annnnnnd CUT. 


PS. If you would like to have a look at any of the broadcast you can check it out here (3,396 views when I last checked!!) For anymore links to my radio work, just pop me a message and I can send you stuff over.

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