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My Goals for Term 2: The Countdown Begins…

Hey, hey, hey. So it is officially term 2 of my final year at University. This is officially my last 9 weeks of taught content of my whole academic career. Madness. In light of this, I thought it would be apt to do a post chatting about what my goals are for this term. I find that setting goals helps me stay focused and driven towards them, rather than just floundering about without a particular direction. I like to set short term, long term and medium term goals as it means it doesn’t feel like I long slog, instead I get little celebrations along the way. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do with this post. So, without further a-due, let’s get started.

Short Term: Weeks 2-4.

So I have already missed week 1 for my internship (good start) so my short term goals are going to be weeks 2-4…

Begin the first draft of my long essay.

Along with my dissertation this year, I also have a long essay due in week 10 of this term. I’m doing it on retrospective diagnosis in history and how context has dictated historical trends with regards to science and the AIDS crisis. I know it doesn’t sound super interesting if you’re not a history student, but I’m actually quite enjoying it. I want to have a meeting with my tutor regarding my plan this week and then get started on a first draft.

 Try 2 new fitness classes.

I loved the fitness classes I joined last year and it’s a great way to meet new people and also learn about different ‘types’ of fitness and the teaching style of others (something I think will be particularly useful in my future endeavours). My friend who I train with is a huge fitness class over so I would really like to go to one a week and try out something new. I have been recommend Body Pump and then maybe something like yoga for an active rest day. I also think it’s important to make time for fitness when things are getting stressful. It gives you some time for yourself and take care of your body.


Continue with dissertation reading (and get a plan sorted)

So my dissertation is coming along nicely but I need to really knuckle down now after my week off kind of threw me off track a little bit. I am planning to get more primary sources read and analysed and some sot of coherent plan that both myself and my tutor are happy with.

Medium Term: Weeks 5-7

So this will include reading week (week 6), so I am hoping to use this time to get my long essay sorted and start writing my dissertation.

Write my first draft of the first 4,500 words of my dissertation.

It’s likely this first draft will be appalling but I always find that it’s easier to get into something when you’ve just started it. No matter how rubbish it is, when I was writing my book, I would just write. It gets the creative juices following and gets rid of the daunting initial stage. You can always go back and work on it later.

Continue to go over and develop my long essay

By this point, I really need to have a confident draft of my long essay ready to go over and polish off weeks 8-10.


Long Term: Weeks 8-10

Finish and submit my long essay.

I say this is a goal, it’s kind of a necessity to, you know… pass. But my this stage I was to be proud of what I have produced and feel happy submitting it. I want it to be a case of don’t stop until you’re proud, not don’t stop until the deadline.

Begin planning my revision topics and make a plan for Easter

So, with a history degree you don’t need to revise everything. Rather, you pick the topics you are interested in and focus on getting your knowledge on those topics essay ready. I want to go through the topics I have covered and pick the ones I want to focus on.

Finish the first draft of my dissertation

This is scary to write. I can’t believe how quickly it has come around and right now finishing my 9,000 word dissertation feels like a long way off. However, I know that after cracking down during reading week and getting back into the swing of things, I’ll be ready. Hopefully.

These are all pretty work-focused, which makes sense considering I have deadlines to meet. However, I also have some continuous goals for the term that are a bit more personal.

Continuous: Weeks 2-10

Sign up more clients to my online fitness and nutrition programmes and keep supporting the girls currently smashing it.

Kind of self explanatory but I want to continue growing my little business and help my current clients smash their goals, whilst learning more about business and making it the best I possibly can.

Get up at 7:30 every morning (9 at weekends, I’m not crazy!)

At University it can be so tempting to just stay in bed until you have to go in for your 10am. This term I really need to get past that as I am wasting lots of time I could be being productive and smashing my goals. Even if I use this time for my training session or a little bit of reading, it means I will have more time later on in the day to be researching and writing my essays.

Make time for friends

Last term I met some lovely new friends who I absolutely love spending time with. This term I want to make sure than work doesn’t get in the way of taking care of myself by spending time doing things I enjoy with friends.

Continue with my training programme

What with Christmas and the internship, my training programme has kind of gone to pot. As soon I get back I want to get right back into it and continue with smashing my fitness goals and becoming healthier, happier and well… more bootylicious.

Drink enough water and eat three vegan meals a day.

This sounds easy enough but during stressful times it can be really easy to forget the basic necessities. I did quite well last term on the eating front and I am excited to get back into my meal prep and try some of the delicious vegan recipes that are in the recipe book I got for Christmas.

vegan 1

If Wagamama’s fancy helping me out with this goal, that would be great. 

Get enough sleep.

I am a terrible sleeper. According to my FitBit I get about 4 hours sleep a night (on average) so it’s really no surprise I’m constantly knackered. I don’t like making sleep a goal as it put pressure on me and then I sleep less than I did before. However, there are certain things I know I could do that I just don’t. For example, I should stop playing with my phone just before bed and getting up to answer it if it flashes. I need to give myself some wind down time to do something for me – maybe reading a book that isn’t related to history or something like that. I know this will be a difficult goal but I would ideally like to double my average time spend asleep at night and be able to cut down the naps in the day.

So there you have it, some of my goals for this term. I really want to make the most of my final term of taught content by fully embracing University life. I am hoping that, if I continue to put myself first, I can make my final year of university one I look back on fondly (unlike the first two.) What are your goals for the next few weeks and how do you plan on achieving them. 

‘Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve’ 

Jamie x



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