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The ‘Science’ Behind your New Years Resolution…

Hey guys and happy 2018. If you’re anything like me, you’ve made a New Years Resolution this year (mine is to go vegan). New Years Resolution have got a lot of stick this year. My fitness Instagram bubble has certainly been very much against this whole idea of ‘New Year, New Me’ and I get it, I really do. You can start a resolution whenever and it isn’t going to happen over night, but is having a realistic focus and goal to start of your year really a bad thing? I don’t think so. Anyway, I thought I would share a bit of stuff I’ve found of New Years Resolutions and what’s going on inside our heads when we make them. 

Yesterdays food for #Veganuary 

Right, so, I may have got L3 anatomy and physiology but I am not a scientist. As much as I find the human mind interesting, this called for a bit of googling (I’ll put all the links below if you fancy reading what the clever people have to say on the matter). Basically, in super simple terms, New Years Resolutions are your brains way of of saying ‘enough is enough’. It’s a reaction to us feeling uncomfortable with something. When our brains feeling uncomfortable it is only natural that they seek change and when better than January 1st? It’s a fresh start and makes for a good way to track your progress. The problem is, however, our brain also feels uncomfortable when we give it too much to deal with all at once. It’s like when you’re cooking dinner and the pasta is overflowing all over the side, the veggies are burning, the fire alarm is going off and your phone is ringing. Disaster. Something is going to have to give. Our brains cannot detect the priority and so we flail around and get very little done, ending up in a worse situation than when we left off. Too many resolutions are we just can’t handle it. You can end up being a victim of something called ‘false hope syndrome’. This is characterised by a person having unrealistic expectations.

But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom. Yes a lot of people won’t stick to their resolutions but you’re not going to with a negative mindset. You’ve lost before it’s even started. Keep in mind that you’re ten times more likely (ten times!!) to achieve your goals if you make a resolution that the people that don’t. The key is, you’ve got to have a strategy. You can’t just have a goal, you’ve got to know how you’re going to achieve it and have the drive and dedication to stick with it, as well as a lot of self control. As they say, a goal without a plan is just a wish (or something like that, I don’t know…) 

So, what have we learnt?

  1. Jamie is a terrible chef who can’t even cook pasta and veggies without a disaster. (True)
  2. You’ve got to be realistic. (I’m sure you didn’t need to read me waffling to figure that one out but it’s important) 
  3. Do one thing at a time. (You might be good at multi-tasking but when it comes to New Years Resolutions, keep it simple.) 
  4. Set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed. Smart, huh?) 
  5. Tell people about your resolution. (Shout it from the roof tops, pop out a tweet, set up an Instagram and blog and try and start a YouTube but fail miserably because you’re the least technical person on the planet… the latter was me by the way).
  6. Buddy up. (Get your poor unsuspecting friends and family to join you on your journey.)
  7. It doesn’t matter if you have a slip up, just keep going. (Just because you have one day off don’t just think, ah bugger it. Just carry on and accept lapses as part of the process.) 
  8. Email Jamie Lee Jenkins Fitness and get yourself an online coach and nutritionist to help you achieve your goals. (What? Wait? Who said that?) 

So there you have it! The ‘science’ and my top tips all about New Years Resolutions. Best of luck to anyone taking one on this year (seriously, if you’re looking for an online coach pop me an email!). You’re going to absolutely smash it. Let me know in the comments below what your resolutions are and how you’re planning on smashing them this year.

Jamie x 


The Science People (They have links to some studies which are really quite interesting… If you’re into that sort of thing):

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