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A very different Christmas…

So that’s it, it’s over for another year. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas full of food, fun, friends and family. We had a very different Christmas Day this year but it was lovely nonetheless. I thought I would share what we got up to with you guys. 

polaroids 2

So first of all, this year was different as we didn’t have Nan round to join us for the day. We knew we weren’t going to be able to for a while but it was weird as I don’t remember a Christmas that hasn’t been spent sat with Nan watching Singing in the Rain whilst she eats all of my chocolates. It was definitely odd and the day didn’t quite feel complete. We also didn’t have my uncle round, which again was odd as he’s had dinner with us for a fair few years now. Another odd thing was the presents. I got some wonderful presents and, as usual, my Mum spoilt be absolutely rotten (the adorable polaroid camera above being an example as well as lots of gym clothes, a vegan cookbook and makeup to name a few things). As well as all of the usual gifts (you know, socks and slippers) I also got lots of house stuff. Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely, but very weird to open stuff for my new house. Adulthood is definitely upon us people and the fact I didn’t know what the egg timer was when I opened it really does show that I am anything but ready for it.

Despite all the weird changes, not having Nan and realising I am getting old, we also had some very exciting new editions to our 2017 Christmas. As you will probably know, I invited two girls who were studying abroad at University to stay with us over the festive period so that they had a proper Christmas dinner and a family to spend the day with. I didn’t for one second expect them to say yes but I am so so glad they did. It was so lovely having people join our family for all the food and festivities and fab to learn about new cultures and make new friends. They have continued on their travels now and are heading to Verona. Verona? Retford? I think they made the right choice. I have taken both of their addresses and will definitely be staying in touch. Who knows, maybe a trip to Australia and Chile could be on the cards?


As well as the lovely Tatiana and Javiera, we also had two new additions who celebrated their first Christmas this year. Santa Paws certainly spoilt Arlo and Luna this year and they were very excited. So much so Arlo had a few little accidents but we can forgive him for that (we cannot, however, forgive him for stealing Mum’s turkey)… It was like having two little babies spent the day with us. Here’s a cute little picture of them sitting by the presents…


Boxing Day Conor came to visit and we had our usual boxing day buffet and chilled out. We’re heading back to his tomorrow to welcome in the New Year with the Ruane’s which will be a lovely end to this year’s celebrations. I hit the gym this morning to work off some of that cake (and then came back and ate even more cake) and I will be back on the usual diet and training tomorrow. My new gymshark gear has certainly got me feeling motivated.


So that’s it. Christmas 2017, you’ve been a weird one but you’ve been fab. Now for the New Year to make some new memories with some of the fantastic people I’ve met this year. A huge Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the whole Jenkins/Shippey clan. We hope you had a good one. 

Jamie x 

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