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Cologne at Christmas

Okay, so I had really good intentions to complete all of Blogmas. I had planned out my post and nothing was going to get in my way. Or so I thought… I had really gotten into the swing of writing everyday and then I went to Germany and it threw me. I’ve found it really difficult to get back into it. Anyway, here I am, writing a Blogmas. Blogmas 16 on day 20. Just go with it… 

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So, just incase you don’t follow me on any form of social media or if you do and the Instagram algorithm has not been in my favour, I went to Cologne. For my 21st birthday my Mum booked for a few days away for me and her to visit the Christmas markets, drink mulled wine and have some mother-daughter bonding time (something my Mum and have had pretty much every single day…). I absolutely adore Germany and had been wanting to go back since I went to Berlin back in 2016. I was so excited!

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We got the Eurostar – longer than flying but a lot cheaper and also super easy! We arrived late afternoon, walked out of the station and were met by the most beautiful Cathedral and the first of many Christmas markets. Our hotel was right next door, so we dropped off our things and went out exploring. It was absolutely stunning. The markets were so magical and festive and full of amazing food and beautiful Christmas stalls. Everyone was sipping mulled wine or egg nog and carol singers were around and about singing traditional festive tunes. As probably the biggest Christmas fan since Buddy to Elf himself, I was absolutely in my element.

The next day we caught a little festive train (not a ‘train’ train, but like a cute festive, touristy train that took you on the roads). We drove around Berlin and visited 4 more of the Christmas markets, all with different themes and feels. At one we made a detour and hit up the Lindt Chocolate Museum, which was fantastic. Considering I’m a history student, I really am not than big a museum fan. I am, however, a chocolate fan. We toured around all the machines and watched chocolates being made and then we personalised chocolate bars for Conor and Wayne as little souvenirs. Talking about chocolate, I want to chat about how I found trying to be plant based at German Christmas markets when there is a bit of a language barrier. I’m going to be honest, I had told myself that I was going to eat what I wanted and I did have chocolate and a hot dog, but I felt awful for it. Not only morally but physically my body was not up for the job at all. I found I was very bloated and my IBS flared up (this isn’t how you thought this blog post was going to go is it?). Anyway, I decided enough was enough and I was going to use my very limited German language skills and find a vegan hotdog. After a lot of searching I am pleased to say I found a stall selling vegan, German Christmas treats. It was hard to find, but it was there and it was delicious and guilt free! I learnt that I don’t need to use being abroad as an excuse and most places will be very accommodating. Anyway, I digress.

Cologne was absolutely beautiful and I left feeling even more festive than I was when I left. If you go I really would recommend heading there at Christmas as it puts every UK Christmas market I have been to to shame. Everything is lit up and it is so stunning. Have a look around the Cathedral and light a candle for a loved one, go to the chocolate museum and hit up the strip of restaurants next to the Rhine. They do amazing cocktails and you can sit outside with blankets and heaters for as long as your hearts content.

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I love travelling and visiting new places and I could think of no one better to sip mulled wine and watch people ice skating with than my lovely Mum. 

Jamie x


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