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Hello my festive friends. Happy 15th of December. I am currently in Germany, living the high life at a Cologne Christmas market. I’m writing this post on the 12th so I don’t miss any days of Blogmas, so I can only hope that future Jamie is sipping on a mulled wine and festive very festive as we speak. Present Jamie, however, is sat on the sofa after eating an excessive amount of food and feeling very guilty about having to take a week off training. So that’s what I thought I was blog about today, gym FOMO.

I say ‘how to’, I am probably the worst person to give any advice on this as I always feel super guilty when I miss sessions or even when I take scheduled rest days. I feel like I am wasting a day and I can really bad gym FOMO. It’s almost as if, whilst I’m chilling on the sofa, everyone else is making progress. Despite this, I do know this mindset is wrong. By the time I get back from Germany I’ll have taken a grand total of 8 days off the gym! 8 days! I haven’t taken this long off since Rome (I usually take a maximum of two days off, if that!) and then I remember feeling super rubbish and ready to get back into a gym.


The best way to spend active rest days… 

Sometimes time off does you good. Rest days are super important for recovery and progress and I’m not intending to ruin 4 days in Germany, trekking through the snow to find a gym. I could do, but it’s just not my priority for the next few days. My priority is enjoying myself with my Mum and experiencing Germany. Anyway, here are some little tips I’ve picked up for helping deal with the gym FOMO (I will be putting these to practise over the next few days.)

  • Have active rest days. Go out for a walk or just do something light. Getting moving will help you feel loads better about not hitting the gym.
  • Stay off social media. Give yourself some time off social media to just enjoy what is going on around you and so you don’t spend your time looking at people’s gym pictures longing wishing you were pumping iron. This is going to be super hard for me but I do want to limit myself and not spend as much time on social media whilst I’m away.
  • Think about your food. This is by no means a necessity but I do know it helps me to feel better keeping a track of what I am putting in my body when I know I’m not going to be getting much exercise. I tend to try and eat a bit less and make sure my meals are balanced and I am getting enough water.
  • Be productive. You don’t have to just sit around. I actually get loads of work done on my rest days and I’ll be so busy over the next week it will probably be the last thing on my mind. Try and find something to get you out the house or being productive. Make lists of what you need to do on your rest days so you can stay focused and still feel motivated even without a gym.
  • Think about the long term. Realistically, it’s 8 days. I’ll be walking miles and I’ve done a few bits at home. I’ve been weight training for a year – 8 days is really not the end of the world. Be realistic.


So there you have it. Gym FOMO is real and it can be difficult to deal with. I spend most of my time not at the gym justifying to myself and other why I’m not in a gym. Just enjoy yourself.

Life is for living as well as lifting.

Jamie x 


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