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Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future…

Good morning guys. So today I decided to get a little bit nostalgic and talk about Christmas past, thankful and talk and Christmas Present and hopeful and talk about Christmas future. Happy 12th of December guys. I hope you enjoy today’s Blogmas dedicated to my lovely Mum. Let’s get started… 


Christmas Past…

Christmas has always been a big deal in our family. We’re only a small family (at one point it was only me and my Mum) but she always went all out and made Christmas truly magical…

Christmas 2003 

A stand out Christmas past was when Mum took me to Lapland to meet Santa Claus. It was such a wonderful holiday and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world sitting on the real Santa’s knee. We met the reindeers and played in the most perfect snow I have ever seen. It really was a wonderful Christmas and one of my best childhood memories.

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 was another memorable one, but not for the best reasons. It was the year we got a lot of snow in the UK. At the time we lived in a Bungalow and one morning our water works stopped working. It had frozen in the pipes and this then caused one to burst. This flooded to whole bungalow, bring the ceiling down with it. We were turfed out of the house and stayed in a hotel over the festive period. It was very different and difficult at times, but we made the most of it and the hotel staff were so lovely and took good care of us! Mum made sure it was still as magical and possible. The house may not have been holding up well, but she certainly was. As always.

Christmas 2011

One of the best present I have ever received came in Christmas 2011 from, you guessed it, my Mum. I found out on Christmas day that I would be spending a week over summer at Sylvia Young’s Theatre School in London. I was absolutely over the moon and the experience was incredible! I ended up going for years afterwards and meeting some fantastic people from all across the world. I still think about my time at Sylvia Young’s and how it helped me develop massively as a person, I am still grateful for this fantastic gift.

Christmas 2016

Last Christmas was a very different one. We had just moved into our beautiful new home and celebrated with our first every Christmas party that my first ever serious boyfriend came to (he’ll be coming to this one as well – success!). I was really struggling with my mental health this time last year and I remember Christmas being quite a difficult one. Despite this, Mum still made it magical and put no pressure on me to be the life on soul of the party as I had been in the past. She was patient and kind and I loved been back at home with the people I love.

Christmas Present…

Christmas 2017

This year is set to be our most unusual Christmas yet. We will be gaining two new family members this year (and I’m not just talking about Arlo and Luna who are very excited for their first Christmas). At University this year I met a girl from Australia here for a term in the UK. Her and her friend (from Chile) had no Christmas plans and, being the festive elf I am, I invited them to spend Christmas with us. I am super excited to have guests in our house over Christmas. It’s going to be lovely to have more people celebrating with us and introducing them to our little town. It will also be the first Christmas that Nan doesn’t spend with us as she is unwell. Nan has spent Christmas day with us for as long as I can remember so it is going to be very strange celebrating without her. However, I’ll be going to visit and spreading the festive cheer (I might even take her some Christmas dinner in a doggy bag!). Conor, my lovely boyfriend who has stuck with me for 2 Christmas’s now (it’s a bloody miracle) will be spending boxing day with us all, which will be lovely!

It’s going to be a very merry Christmas. 

puppies first christmas

Christmas Future… 

Christmas who-knows-when

This is going to be my last Christmas is education and possibly my last Christmas actually living at home, which is a strange thought! In the future it’ll be me making Christmas dinner and hosting the parties, which is scary. I’ve learnt from the best though and I’m sure Mum will be ready to pass the baton onto her little Christmas apprentice. I have picked up a lot of family traditions that will remain where ever I go and I hope Conor will bring his family traditions with him as well so we get some massive Jenkins-Shippey-Ruane Christmas hybrid where everyone comes to ours to drink and be merry. I thought today about when I have my own children and how I will make Christmas as magical for them as my Mum always has done for me. I will definitely take my children back to Lapland and have a baking day. No matter how busy life gets, I will always make time for Christmas. I hope to visit many more Christmas markets, I hope I master the art of the multi-tasking menace that is Christmas dinner and I hope I can finally pay my Mum back for all the happiness she has given me over the years.

Thanks Mum. 

So here’s to Christmas past, present and future. As Tiny Tim would say, ‘God bless us, every one!’

Jamie x 


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  1. December 12, 2017 / 10:22 pm

    awh, that’s so lovely. I love our christmas ‘ . This year will be lovely too xxxxxx

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