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My Wellness Must-Dos.

Good evening guys! A bit of a later Blogmas for you today as I’ve been hitting the shops getting some Christmas present and getting myself some clothes that actually fit me. Inspired by this month’s Women’s Health feature with Aimee Fuller, I have decided to share my fitness Must-Dos and the things I am loving at the moment in terms of health and fitness.



At the moment my main focus is building up my cardiovascular health and fitness. This has meant me sacrificing a bit of my strength but I am continuing to keep up my strength training and I am still seeing progression, just a bit slower than I was when this was my main focus. I am doing a lot of HIIT and big compound lifts like the squat and deadlift. I have also started boxing and other classes that are going to test my body in different ways. I’m training 4-5 times a week for about an hour and a half.


Food wise I am still following a plant based diet as much as possible, which is proving easier than I expected at home. For breakfast it’s either oatmeal or bran flakes and an Alpro protein yogurt pot (my favourite are the ones with the blackcurrant compote). Dinner and tea varies a lot, particularly over the festive season, but I am loving vegan curries (sweet potato and chickpea and tofu thai green are my personal favourites). For snacks, it tends to be fruit or a few squares of dark chocolate if I want something sweet (Bourneville is vegan and delicious!)


I’ve main it my mission to give myself more time to chill as I think it is really important for your mental well-being. I love chilling in coffee shops with friends or reading a good book with nothing to do with my degree or Personal Training. I also find going for walks a really nice way to chill (although I probably do this less now it’s getting colder.) I’m not the best at chilling but it is super important!


At the minute I am a little snowed under with dissertation reading and so finding time to read for pleasure is difficult, which is annoying because I love a good book. There are loads of super interesting self help books that I enjoy reading (I’ve just started making my own Happiness Project). At the minute, however, I am reading Memoirs of a Geisha, which I am really enjoying and I like to think links to my dissertation at least a little…


My music is different when I am training. Usually I like 80’s classics and the odd bit of 90’s cheesiness, however, training requires a very different playlist. Some Destiny’s Child Survivor tends to do this trick. Nothing screams ‘run faster’ than a bit of Beyonce. I’m a massive music fan, I don’t think I go a day without listening to music and my taste is really varied. I always said if I was to go on a TV show it would be ‘Don’t forget the lyrics’ – I’m that person that always knows the song, whatever it is!


Recovery is super important but I don’t like to be completely inactive on my rest days as I don’t think it helps with recovery at all. On my rest days I like to do some stretches or yoga just to keep my body moving and help with the DOMS. I find active recovery works best for me. I also think recovery in a mental sense is important to note here. Being back at home and just chilling on my sofa with my family is a great way to chill my mind.


I love a good flavoured gin and Mum makes some fab drinks over the festive period. I recently started drinking alcohol again, after cutting it out completely for health reasons, but I still take it easy and I’ve never been a huge drinker. I like a good hot chocolate (or a coffee, which is a very new love of mine). I don’t think there is anything wrong with letting your hair down and enjoying yourself every so often, even if you’re training.


I obviously love my gym gear, AVENUE20 (if you fancy anything, use my code J20 and you can bag yourself 20% off) and Gymshark are my favourites! I’ve also picked up some activewear bargains from Primark and H&M. On a day to day basis, I love Zara. I have what my boyfriend would describe as a bit of a ‘groovy’ sense of style. I hardly ever wear jeans, I’m all about culottes or leggings. I also hardly ever take off my FitBit, I absolutely love it and find it really motivates me.


On Wednesday I’m heading to Germany to visit Cologne German Christmas market – which I’ve been desperate to do since I went to Berlin in my first year of University. I cannot wait for Mum to see Germany, she loves Christmas and she is absolutely going to adore it! I love travelling so much and think it is one of the best ways to learn and develop as a person.


Well apart from the gym and my degree, my perfect days off include a nice lie-in and then heading out and exploring. I like a bit of spontaneity and trying different things. I’m not bothered about anything too fancy, a picnic in the park or a visit to a local coffee shop and I’m happy.


I love a good pamper session. I love visiting spas for a chill and treatment (if i can afford the latter!!). Mum and I tend to hit up a spa a couple of times a year and really relax. I also really need to start taking more care of my skin and so I love a good at home facial when I  really want some me time. I’ve got some serious inspiration from GraceFitUK recent video all about her Holland and Barrett, cruelty free skin care regime. I really like going to the hair dressers as well. I love having my hair played with an a couple of hours just to chill and have me time.


Staying focused is really important for me as I am busy a lot of the time and have a lot of deadlines I have to meet. I’m a big list maker and so that really helps keep me on track. In terms of fitness, I find goal setting a really important part of the process. I will review my goals every few weeks and tweak them depending on how things are going. This helps keep me motivated and accountable.

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my fitness and wellness favourite things! And happy 11th of December, I can’t believe how quickly it is all going. Let me know what your wellness favourites are in the comments below and if there are any fitness/well-being related posts you’re really interested in reading!

Jamie x 

ps. go and check out the December edition of Women’s Health, it’s fab! 


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