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Soap and Glory | ‘It’s a Calendar Girls!’ Review.

Happy December 10th guys! So I’m back home now and yesterday I finally got my advent calendar. I didn’t fancy a chocolate one this year (we have enough chocolate in our house over the festive period as it is). So my lovely Mum got me the Soap and Glory ‘It’s a Calendar Girls!’. After opening 10 days now, I feel like I am in a good position to review it all so far. So, let’s go…

soap and glory


So, first things first, is it worth the money? I don’t need to go into the advent calendar scandals that have been all over social media this year. Pretty much every company has brought out an advent calendar and they’re certainly not your £5 chocolate ones (mum’s advent calendar this year came in at £80!). This one came in at £40, which, when I consider what I’ve got so far, I do think is worth the money. As you can see from the picture above, so far I have received some pretty good stuff. I was worried it was all going to be full of creams and stuff that I have enough of to cobble dogs with, but it’s got a fab mix of make up, skin care and their best selling creams (which, unlike some of the other products that come in the Christmas sets, I use religiously). The packaging is beautiful and in typical Soap and Glory style. I know you’re probably more bothered about the contents of the packaging but when it’s on display throughout the whole of December, pretty packaging certainly helps.

Right, so the stuff I have so far and what I think. Not pictured above, today I got some mini tweezers in baby pink which are actually super cute. They’re really good quality as well (not your Christmas cracker tweezers!) and are really pretty. I’ve given them a try this morning and they’re great. (I don’t really know how to describe tweezers but they got rid of hair I didn’t want quickly and pretty painlessly so I guess that’s all you can ask for!) 

The three lipsticks I have so far, almost like the chubby sticks, are my absolute favourites! I have one matte in a deep berry colour and two gloss in pink and nude. I was really surprised at how much colour comes from these and the matte berry shade lasted for ages without making my lips look dry and cakey as a lot of matte lipsticks seem to do. The colours are fantastic, I love them. I always think with advent calendars or things where you don’t get the choice of colours, they tend to be colours they can’t sell (the ugly ones basically…) but these are beautiful and colours I would choose if I was picking them for myself. I also have a lip plumper, I’m assuming similar to the Sexy Mother Pucker. I’m looking forward to giving this a go. I don’t usually use lip plumpers as I’m not the biggest fan of the tingle but I will keep you updated with how I find this one.

The primer, Once Heck of  a Blot, came just at the right time as I have ran out of my usual primer. I’ve yet to try this so I will make sure I keep you posted but, again, I’m pretty happy with it and I can’t wait to give it a go! (It’s not a bad size either!) I also got two eyeliners, one black and one midnight blue. These are only little but they’ll be good to throw in a travel bag for when I hit Germany next week. I’m a bit of an eyeliner wuss, I’ll admit, and I’m not the best at it but I usually do alright with a pencil so I’ll give them a go and see what I think! The Soap and Glory mascara is something I use a lot anyway. It isn’t my favourite mascara in the world but in terms of affordability, it is definitely up there! Finally, Heel Genius is something that I use a lot. It’s a bit of a Soap and Glory best seller so I’m impressed it’s in their calendar.

In the rest of the calendar, from what it says on the back, there’s a Righteous Butter (which is such a fab moisturiser!), bath pod sort of things which I think are probably the worst value for money from what I have seen from them in the shops, however, I am intrigued and they seem to be a new edition to the Soap and Glory Christmas range this year so I will let you now.  There’s also lots of the Soap and Glory favourites, like the scrubs and shower gels in mini sizes, which I can’t complain about because I think they’re fab.

Overall, I am super impressed with this Calendar. I think Soap and Glory pull out all the stops every year over the Christmas period and their sets just seem to be getting better and better. It is 100% one of my favourites and I’ve never been let down by a product yet. So, 10 days in to ‘It’s a Calendar Girls’ and I am impressed. What Calendar have you gone for this year and what are your thoughts on some of these beauty companies calendars? A good idea or overpriced? Let me know in the comments below. 

Jamie x 



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