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Christmas Wishlist (The Fitness Edition)

It’s already day 6 of Blogmas? This is mad! Okay, so today I thought I would bring together my two favourite thing, Christmas and Fitness, and show you guys what is on my Fitness Christmas Wishlist this year. As I mentioned in my Festive Fitness Tips post, I always find getting new gym stuff and fitness bits and bobs really motivates me to work out. 

Okay first up are the white Adipower weight lifting shoes. I am absolutely obsessed! Mum said I could have them but they don’t have my size in stock (cry cry) so I guess I will just have to keeping staring at them longingly until they restock. I’ve wanted some weight lifting shoes for ages to wear during squats and deadlifts. I usually do them bare footed because my current trainers lack the necessary support but these are designed specifically for it. Plus, they will give me a bit of height which I really think will help with my form!

Next up, the Vivo Life raw plant protein and BCAAs in Salted Maca Caramel flavour! Since trying to lower my animal product intake and focusing on more plant based foods, I have been searching online for a new protein and this one comes high recommended. Plus, anything that has salted caramel in the name is a huge yes from me. It’s quite expensive, hence it’s on the Christmas list (student budget, you know how it is…) so I am hoping that Santa is kind enough to bring me some of this stuff.

Would it really be a fitness Christmas wish list if Gymshark didn’t feature at least once? I think not! So I know I have quite a bit of Gymshark stuff coming my way because I ordered it for myself during the Black Friday sale but this was out of stock! I have been eyeing up this seamless cross back sports bra in beet for what feels like forever and it’s never in stock. I managed to get myself the leggings from the set so this sports bra would complete the look and having me rocking up to the gym in January like a little, beet coloured princess!

Okay, another pair of shoes for you, only this time they’re just normal trainers. I say normal, they’re beautiful. They will literally go with nothing but hey, that’s okay, I’ll just have to get more gym clothes. Do I need them? No. Have I been obsessing over them since I saw them? Yes. They’re Nike chrome blush training shoe. Even the name ‘chrome blush’ makes them sound heavenly. They’re also currently in the sale so Santa, if you’re going to get these, now is the time that’s all I’m saying…

The next thing on the list is kind of for when I get set up properly in business. It’s a suspension trainer or TRX. They’re super versatile and affordable and they can literally be taken anywhere. I thought this would be great to use with clients as it will give them a full body workout without the need for weights and machines if they don’t feel comfortable in a gym. If you don’t use TRX I would highly recommend it! Lots of people seem to avoid them in the gym but they can be so good for a quick workout to shake up your usual routine.

Finally, it’s time for the brain gains. These two books have been recommended by HFE for personal trainers and I think they sound super interesting. First up is Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers. It’s all about fasica and whole system movements which, if you’re anything like me, will really tickle your fancy. Again, it’s pretty expensive (even on Amazon) but I see it as a bit of an investment. The next book is Functional Training for Sport by Michael Boyle. This one is super cheap on Amazon so I might get this one myself in the New Year.

So there you have it, my 2017 fitness christmas wish list. Make sure you give the blog a follow as over the next few days my general christmas wish list will be live, with loads of make up, clothes and various other things I have been eyeing up this festive season. What would make it on to your Fitness Christmas List?  

Jamie x 


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