Blogmas Day 4: The Christmas Tag

Good morning folks! Something a bit different for you today. I’ve decided to do The Christmas Tag! I love doing stuff like this and thought it sounded super fun so hopefully you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed thinking about my answers.


Favourite Christmas Movie?

Love Actually, without a doubt! I think it’s such a feel good film (I mean, apart from the cheating and stuff…) and it’s got some of my absolute favourite actors in it. It’s one of those films that you watch snuggled up on the sofa with your box of Quality Streets and a fancy hot chocolate.

What are your favourite Christmas colours? 

Hmm, this is a tough one! Our tree is always decorated in reds and golds, which is super festive. I also quite like Burgundy. Anything that’s deep and warming and maybe a bit sparkly.

Do you like to dress up or stay in your PJ’s for Christmas Day?

I tend to have my festive PJ’s on in the morning and then whip on my Christmas jumper after all the presents have been opened. It doesn’t last long, just whilst we all eat dinner and then the PJ’s will be back. Only this time it’ll probably be a pair I got as a gift with some fluffy socks and my dressing gown. I never get super dressed up but it feels weird sitting at the table in my PJ’s.

What do you eat for Christmas Dinner?

Literally everything you could possibly imagine. Mum really does go all out. Turkey, stuffing, mashed and roast potatoes, brussels and chestnuts, Yorkshire pudding, all the vegetables, pigs in blankets… I really could go on. We then have a special pudding. None of us like Christmas pudding so it will usually be a homemade cheesecake and ice cream or something like that! One year we had a warm chocolate brownie and it was incredible!

Best gift you have ever received? 

I really don’t know, this is too hard! The one that stands out to me is that Mum got me a place on the Sylvia Young Summer School, which was amazing. I also don’t know if the puppies count as a early Christmas present but if they do then them 100%. Mum is the absolute best at buying presents so anything she gets me will be amazing!

Peek at gifts or be surprised?

It shames me to say it but I really am a peeker. I don’t go out of my way to look for my presents but that’s only because Mum would definitely find out and be mad. I only like surprises if I’m not expected a surprise so, when it comes to Christmas gifts, I find it really hard not to do some investigation.

Favourite Christmas memory?

When I was little we went to Lapland. I was still at the age where I believed in Santa and it was really magical. We stayed until Christmas Eve so I still had Christmas Day at home, which was even more magical because I had met the man himself a few days before. The whole holiday was amazing, I remember sledging, husky rides, making snow angels in proper, powder like snow. It really was a magical Christmas! I still love Christmas now but it was a lot more exciting when I believed in Father Christmas.

Favourite Christmas Song?

Got to be Fairytale of New York! I like to pretend to be both of them and have a little duet with myself.

Favourite Christmas Scent?

I love the sweet smells, like the Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle! It smells so good you could eat it and always makes me think of Christmas. Also, this is weird, but the smell of the decorations when you first get them out. It’s not necessarily a nice smell, kind of musty, but it always means that Christmas is coming!

Best part about Christmas? What does it mean to you?

Christmas is all about family. That might sound a bit cringe but it’s true. We don’t have a massive Christmas, it’s really just my Mum and Wayne, but it is so lovely to spend quality time together with no other pressures. I love just chilling in the evenings, snacking of leftovers and watching festive films.

So that’s that! Instead of tagging specific people, if you read this and fancy giving it a go then do it! I love reading other people’s answers so let me know if you do. 

Happy 4th of December guys!

Jamie x 





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