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Festive Fitness Tips

Hey guys and happy 3rd of December and the 3rd day of Blogmas! Exciting stuff.  Today I thought I would share with you guys some Festive Fitness Tips. Staying on track over the festive season is hard but hopefully some of these tips will help you this Christmas time. 

Don’t wait for the New Year. 

It is super easy at this time of year to lose sight of all of your goals and push them back to the New Year. There is a reasons that very few people stick to their New Years resolutions. Making a massive change over night is a hell of a lot of pressure and you’re likely to slip off the bandwagon very soon. Rather than waiting for the New Year to start the gym or alter your diet, do it now! It’s alright saying, what’s the point? I’m going to be eating whatever on Christmas day, but Christmas day is just that, it’s one day. I know, I know it breaks my heart too and I really wish it could be Christmas everyday. That means your throw away an entire months worth of time to make progress and work on your goals for the sake of pretty much one dinner and a few christmas parties. So don’t wait for the New Year. Start now and allow yourself flexibility – you’re a lot more likely to stick to it if from day one you treat it as a lifestyle.

   Ask Santa for some new gym clothes. 

New gym clothes make everyone feel motivated. Nothing beats a new pair of leggings and rocking up to the gym feeling good about yourself. I know it really doesn’t matter what you turn up to the gym in but I really find myself feeling a lot more motivated when I have an outfit I feel good in. This year I hit the Gymshark Black Friday sale and got myself loads of new stuff to be wrapped up for Christmas day. I’m already so excited to get training in my new stuff. If you can’t wait that long, treat yourself, after all it is Christmas.

Don’t let the cold stop you.

Heading to the gym when it’s dark and cold is pretty tough but this doesn’t have to stop you keeping active. There are loads and loads of at home work outs you can try that will help you keep fit without even leaving the comfort of your own home. You don’t even have to change out of those fluffy, festive PJs if you don’t want! No one will even know! I will sometimes do some at home workouts if I’m not feeling a full gym session and believe me they can be just as effective if you work hard.

Wrap up warm.

Okay, so you’ve done your at home workouts but you’re struggling to get motivated in your dressing gown. Winter does not mean you have to stay stuck inside. Every year my family goes for winter walks around parks or round villages (even round a Christmas market), anything that is going to get you up and about and getting some fresh air. Keeping fit doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym everyday and Christmas is a time to spend with your family. So wrap up warm and head outside. Make the most of snow days and go out and play. Whatever age you are, building a snow man is fun and burns some calories. Thank you Frosty! 

Be clever with food. 

Christmas is all about traditions, I know that, but would it really be the end of the world if you switched a few things up? There are so many ‘healthy’ alternatives to family favourites that are super easy to make. Plus, it’s the season of the turkey broth which is a Christmas staple and is actually pretty good for you. Do you really need a seventh roast potato or the last little pig in it’s blanket? Probably not. Do you really want to be reaching for the Gaviscon at 2am in the morning after stuffing yourself with trifle and christmas pudding? I’m guessing you’re good. You’re not going to be able to avoid food at Christmas and you really shouldn’t have to, but one ‘bad’ meal or a few drinks does not mean you have to count the day as a total write off. Consider the meals you can control and make sure you’re still getting plenty of fruit and veg and not just stuffing yourself on Quality Streets because ‘you’ve already ruined the day with one mince pie’.

Drink water. 

Steady on Jamie, don’t get carried away now with the Christmas excitement. I know staying hydrated is probably the last thing on your mind whilst you’re sipping your Christmas coffee or a big glass on mulled wine, but it is super important you’re still getting enough water. A glass of water is not the most appealing at Christmas but our bodies really need it, especially considering alcohol and your festive lattes are actually just dehydrating you. Don’t fancy a glass of cold water, get yourself come blackcurrant squash and have hot blackcurrant, JUST DRINK WATER!

Go easy on yourself.

Christmas is about enjoying yourself after all and it is really important you don’t let ‘fitness’ get in the way of your enjoyment. Or this will do is result in you resenting it and giving up. If something is going to be a lifestyle you have to be able to maintain it and if that means that you want a mince pie at Christmas then bloody well have one. It’s easy to say don’t feel guilty, but I know this can be quite hard. Just remember that life happens and memories are a lot more important that having abs. If you do go off track, it’s okay. Just pick yourself back up and keep going – it happens to everyone.

So there you have it, my festive fitness tips! Hope you find some of these useful and are enjoying Blogmas so far! I am loving this daily blogging thing, then again it’s only the 3rd… 

Jamie x 


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