Becoming a Personal Trainer: Feel the fear and do it anyway.

So it’s been a while. I know, I know… I promised I would not be away again for so long, however, I’ve been taking a bit of time for myself. Since the last time I wrote, a lot has happened. My diet has changed (I will be doing a post all about this over the next week), my mental health and improved and I’ve finally broken out of my fitness plateau thanks to a lot of progressive overload (oh yeah, and a fair bit of HIIT). I guess another pretty big thing is I’m now a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist.

6 months ago I made, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I’ve made. People thought I was mad and, to be honest, I didn’t blame them. I had gone from a couch potato to signing up for a PT in under a year. I’m not what on these miracle, ‘I got fit in 10 weeks and here’s how you can to’ stories. I worked my butt off and found something I felt passionate about and that was allowing me to grow as a person both physically and mentally. I had my ups and downs but I knew that if I could help people change their lifestyle like I had, I’d get to spend my life doing something I love and believe is worth while.

The course was fantastic. I met the most incredible people and pushed myself in more ways than one. For someone with anxiety, travelling across the country and staying in a hotel room alone every other weekend was a massive deal. I had thrown myself in the deep end and, on top of this PT course, I had just started my final year as a History student at university. Let’s flash forward. I’ve now passed everything and finished all my coursework. I’ve got my dissertation sorted and never missed a lecture or seminar. I fought the anxiety and depression and dragged myself out of bed and got myself to that course and to everything I needed to do. I’m really proud of myself for that. My logo for my Personal training business is now complete and I am heading to Women’s Health next year for a work experience placement. I’ve also decided that I’m not done with education. Fitness has helped me a hell of a lot, but so have many counsellors who have and who continue to support me. If one day I can be that person for someone else, that would be an incredible way for me to say thank you and give something back. My plan is to work in the fitness industry and over time train as a counsellor. Fitness is so much more than just going to the gym, and (oddly enough) my Personal Training course experience has really taught me that.

When people ask me if I have a graduate job lined up, expecting me to talk about a big law or banking firm, I’m proud to say what I’m planning to do with my future. There are lots of perceptions about what history students should do when they graduate and what is just throwing your degree away, but I have definitely not done that. My degree has taught me a hell of a lot. Okay, maybe not £27,000 worth of a lot but let’s not get all political here… (we’ll leave it at I’ve learnt a lot). People have kind of mocked my Personal trainer course and, to be fair, when I started I thought it was going to be a walk in the park. Word of warning for anyone considering on embarking on a course such as this. It’s fantastic and super interesting but my god it is not easy. My average memory of GCSE biology was not going to cut it. I spent a hell of a lot of time revising and working bloody hard. I also realised my cardiovascular fitness was pretty bloody embarrassing, hence the HIIT. I learnt about anatomy, physiology, nutrition, I can even take someone’s blood pressure! The past 6 months have been a huge challenge and tested me in many ways but I have absolutely loved it. If there is something you’re on the fence about doing, go for it! If you have a passion you want to pursue, go for it. It is never too late to change your route or try something different. Go to night school, join a course online, go to an adults dance class. Honestly, it’s scary but so worth it. I was never going to be an accountant. I was never going to be able to sit behind a desk all day. That might work for some people but that’s not for me, so why was I kidding myself? Why was I happy to go along with what other people expected of my future? Because I was scared. Change is scary. Trying new things is scary. But you know what they say, feel the fear and do it anyway. 

My business should be up and running ready for the new year and I have started writing plans for my future clients. How exciting? I’ve got everything sorted and ready for Women’s Health and I am in the process of researching my options to train as a counsellor. The future has got a lot in store and I’m really excited. LET’S SMASH IT GUYS. 

Jamie x 



  1. December 6, 2017 / 3:46 pm


    Thanks for sharing, I’m just about to undertake a PT course so any tips would be great!!

    • December 6, 2017 / 8:14 pm

      Aw amazing! You will love it. I would say start revising for the anatomy and physiology early, nothing too intense. Just look at some YouTube videos and have a look at the book. It is quite challenging (but super interesting!!) so don’t underestimate it. Best of luck xx

  2. December 13, 2017 / 9:06 am

    This is such a great read, thank you!
    I’ve done very much the same thing as you and I want to start my PT qualifications in the New Year. This has spurred me on even more so thank you, any tips you have on preparing for the course would be really appreciated.

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