I went Boxing.

So, as the imaginative and well thought out title suggests, I went boxing. With a bit of eye of the tiger blasting out, I was ready to push and upper cut and generally act badass for an hour, all in the name of fitness and trying something new. An hour later, I realised I was certainly no Rocky. I was gross, sweaty and had been punched round the face twice. I went home and signed up to go back to next weeks class. 

How did it go?

Trying something new was one of the goals I mentioned in my last post and this week, as promised, it was boxing. I was a bit nervous to be honest. Get me in the weights room and I know what I’m doing. I know what weight I’m capable of and I know I can hold my own. Boxing on the other hand, that was a very different ball game. I knew it was going to be challenging and I knew it meant pushing myself out of my comfort zone. An hour later and I was buzzing. I absolutely loved it. I was aching and sweaty and very out of breath but it flew by. One second I was bopping away to some motivational 80’s music, punching the pads of the poor girl in front of me like she was worst enemy, next it was finished. Hold on, had I just done an hour of cardio that I actually enjoyed and didn’t make me want to pull my own hair out with boredom? I think so. Success!

Why is it good for you?

(Physical Health)

Not only was boxing super fun but it also has loads of health benefits. First up, obviously is cardiovascular benefits. We all know what this means – reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, reduced blood pressure, reduced risk of stroke and many more fantastic physical benefits. It’s also bloody cracking for your mental health. Cardio is a great way to lift your mood with boxing being a particularly good stress reliever (for obvious reasons!). It can also help with healthy weight management, building bone density and muscle strength and endurance.

So basically, your insides feel good and you feel like an absolute badass, who can kick ass. What’s not to like? 

Another goal ticked off… 

(Mental Health) 

At the risk of sounding a bit cringe – I’m really proud of myself for going boxing. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is hard. I was apprehensive to try something new on my own but I’ve learnt that I can’t drag Mum along with me to everything. (Apart from Doctors appointments, let’s not get carried away now, who else is going to tell the Doctor what is wrong with me?) In all seriousness, sometimes if you want to do something you just have to get on with it. I learnt that a lot over summer and I decided that I am going to continue pushing myself in that sense now I’m back at University. It can be so easy to become stuck, but trying new things and meeting new people is a great way to continue with personal growth and development.


If you’re wanting to give something new a try, I would seriously recommend giving boxing a go! If boxing isn’t for you, grab a class timetable from your local gym and there will be plenty of different things to choose from, at varying degrees of intensity. Who knows, when I’m qualified, I might just do a boxing course and start a class of my own… 

Lots of love, Jamie x 



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