A new name and a new start: Where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing.

‘I’m sorry, the old Jamie Fit UK can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, cos she’s dead.’

Hey guys, so it’s been a while. An embarrassingly long time really. The longer I left getting back into blogging, the harder I was finding it to get settled down and write. Anyway, here I am. I’m back. This isn’t going to be a post all about why I haven’t been blogging but out of courtesy I think it’s only fair I touch on it briefly. Without going into too much detail, I have been struggling with my mental health. Motivation has been pretty hard to come by and what I have had has been spent on getting ready for heading back to University and revising to become a Personal Trainer. It’s not all doom and gloom, however. I’ve been making some really positive steps forward and, for the first time in a long time, I am starting to feel a bit better.

Anyway, enough of that. You’re probably wondering where Jamie Fit UK has gone and who this new Jamie Lee Jenkins Fitness is. Worry not, it’s still me! There has just been a bit of a name change as I get ready to launch my business and slightly change my direction.

A NEW BUSINESS?! Tell us more. 

Okay, I will. So, whilst I’ve been gone I’ve only gone and completed my Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification and started my Level 3. This means that, if all goes to plan, I will be a qualified personal trainer by the end of November. Obviously I’ll still be at University so it’s not going to be going crazy, but my plan is to get started with a few clients and set up some sort of online training. I’m so excited. Logos are being designed and business cards are being made so… watch this space.

In terms of training, I have increased my cardio with a bit of running and lots of HIIT. This has been hard. It kind of feels like you’re right back at square one when you try something new but it is important with fitness and training to constantly push yourself and keep learning. Never get complacent. There is always more to know. Geek out and read up on a few things or try something a bit different at your next gym session. As they say, knowledge is power…

In terms of just life in general, I’ve done an internship (well sort of) with News UK and taken some steps towards achieving my goals of being a freelance health and lifestyle journalist. The puppies have got bigger, although no less naughty and I head back to University in a week.

My plan for when I get back is to do one blog post and one YouTube video a week and post daily on Instagram. I’ve been getting a bit technical and made some infographics so head to my page and check them out. My new direction is not a move away from fitness by any means, in fact it’s going to be even more related to fitness* but more focused on gaining knowledge and informing people to help everyone lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. I want to make everything I do as informative and helpful as possible so if you want to see anything then let me know!

*Total Fitness (this includes physical, medical, social, mental, spiritual and nutritional – all of which I will feature).

diet myth busting

Anyway, this post was kind of a welcome back for both you and me. Posts will be coming up very soon so make sure you head to my pages and give me a follow. 

Lots of love, Jamie x 


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