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What went down in Portugal (and how I stayed on track with my fitness… kind of)

Hey guys! I know, I know, you haven’t heard from me for quite a while but I have a pretty good reason. After getting back from Rome, I quickly packed my case again and headed off to Portugal. We stayed in a family villa in Lagos, a short drive to the beach and marina, kitted out with a pool, pool table, BBQ and bar. I thought I would share with you some of the things we got up to whilst we were away and how I stayed on track with my fitness journey whilst still having a good time and not restricting myself.

First off, unlike Rome, it was a far more relaxed holiday meaning that we had plenty of time in the day to head to the gym. I know going to the gym on holiday is not for everyone but we absolutely loved it. The gym was fantastic and everyone was so friendly and helpful. If you’re ever looking for a gym in Portugal I can’t recommend XL Ginasio enough! Fully equipped with cross fit stuff, if you’re into that sort of thing, it cost us 30 euros for the week, which was pretty affordable. Cost was another huge difference compared with our Italian getaway. Everything was so so cheap! Out of everywhere I have been, I have to say the food is probably one of the nicest. Loads of fresh fish and meat and the people were ever so flexible. This meant that, although I treated myself, I was able to enjoy myself without completely blowing my macros as I did in Rome. I would highly recommend getting yourself some swordfish if you go – it is incredible! Just near where we were staying were 2 restaurants. They really were in the middle of nowhere but were always packed with locals who came from all over. You know it’s a good restaurant if the locals go there!

So apart from the gym and eating, we did a lot of chilling around the pool and making the most of the gorgeous villa. We also headed to the beach a fair few times and decided to go on a boat trip around the grottos. The trip was 2 hours and 20 euros per person and it was absolutely fantastic. After a cruise around the coast, we pulled up and took it in turns to take a smaller speed boat around the grottos. Whilst we were waiting a massive trampoline was thrown off the side and were were able to jump into the sea. It was bloody freezing but honestly such a fun experience. My water sport activity luck ended there though. We decided to take a ‘sea sofa’, which is basically an inflatable with some handles strapped to the back of a speed boat. The basic principle is as follows. You hold on or you get thrown into the sea as the boat leaves you. Sounds like fun, right? Wrong. I have never been so terrified in my life. All I can say is I’m glad I didn’t have upper body day the next day as none of us could move! Top tip: Get a nice normal boat and just don’t risk it unless you’re a proper adrenaline junkie with a bloody strong grip.

As with most holidays, my favourite part of the day was the evenings. It cooled down a bit and we were able to eat fantastic food outside and enjoy to sights and each others company. I say this a lot, but I am so grateful to have gained a second family through meeting my boyfriend and I felt so at home.

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In terms of my fitness journey, by going to the gym I felt so so much better. I went to the beach in a bikini and actually felt good about myself, which is a huge step for me. I didn’t stick to my macros but I’ve got right back on it now I’m back and I am following a far stricter diet plan. IIFYM is all well and good but I was really taking flexible dieting to the extreme and really just over eating or eating all the wrong stuff. Rather than seeing this as a waste of time, I am looking at it as a transition period in which I have learnt a lot about nutrition and my body. I will get a post up soon all about my new macros and why I think it’s really important!

Have you guys been anywhere nice on holiday this year? 

Jamie x 


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