Training on Holiday: My Rome Fitness Plan

As you’ll probably know, I am currently sunning myself up in Rome. A lot of people on Instagram have been asking what my training programme is like on holiday or if I have one at all, so I thought I would do a blog post on training whilst your away.

I’ve made the decision this year that I would enjoy training whilst I am away and spending an hour or so exploring a new gym would not be a waste of my holiday. I enjoy training and the way it makes me feel, plus I love trying out new gyms and seeing what equipment they have. I’m not following an intense programme and I will definitely not be doing my usual 4 days but, for me, hitting up the gym is not a waste of holiday time. My plan is to do 2 sessions whilst I’m in Rome. One will be upper body and one will be lower and I will do a bit of cardio on each day. However, this is not to say this you have to train whilst you’re away. For most people, holidays are a luxury we don’t get very often and so it is really important you spend your time away how you want to. If you’re going to hate training, taking some time off is not a big deal and will prevent you feeling any resentment towards going to the gym. Just be aware that you’ve taken time off when you go back and make the necessary adjustments. I also find that I do a hell of a lot of walking whilst I am away, so I am actually far more active than usual. Now, this does not make up for all the food I inevitably consume, but it does make me feel a little better about not doing 4 intense workouts.

Speaking of food, I am going to eat pretty much whatever I want. I am a lot more aware now of my food choices and so I know my eating will be far more controlled than it has been on previous holidays but I am still enjoying pizza, pasta and gelato. Giving up alcohol has actually been a blessing in disguise for me on holidays as it means I am not consuming loads of empty calories, just loads of delicious, dough bases calories instead…

I would never tell someone to not ‘enjoy’ themselves whilst they are away but I would also never tell someone they would be wrong to continue tracking macros and training. Ultimately, if you are happy and enjoying yourself and not preventing others from doing the same, then go for it. Don’t feel guilty for enjoying yourself, whichever way you decide to do so. Personally, holidays mean a bit of a rest and so I will definitely be making the most of my time in Rome and the lovely Italian food, but I also know I will feel better in myself if I fit some training in. As I mentioned previously, if you do decide to take a break then just make sure you account for this when you get back into training. Depending on how long you are away for, you may not be at the stage you were when you left. Don’t worry about it! You’ll get back there in no time but this will come a lot quicker if you are aware of your abilities and therefore prevent any injury.

I will be sure to get a post up about Rome as soon as I am back. Let me know if you have any Rome recommendations or what you think about training whilst on holiday in the comments below. 

Jamie x 



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