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BST Hyde Park…

Hey guys! So tomorrow I am heading off on my travels but first I thought I would do a post about the Hyde Park British Summer Time Festival I went to yesterday. The Killers are one of my absolute favourite bands so when I saw they were headlining I had to get a ticket. We drove down to London pretty early and got priority access, which meant being even closer to Brandon (mother may I?!). This also meant arriving 8 and a half hours before The Killers started their set. Luckily, there was plenty to do and loads of other acts including Tears For Fears and Elbow.

festival 1

We didn’t exactly get off to the best start, having our spray can suncream taken off us as you weren’t allowed cans. Luckily, the lovely people of London were very generous in lending out their suncream so we didn’t get burnt (too much). The day was super chilled and, despite 65,000 people attending, it didn’t feel over crowded at all and queues for everything seemed reasonable. What did not seem reasonable was the price of food and drink but that is only to be expected. My top tips would be, take yourself a bottle of suncream, a towel and lots of money!

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The day involved a lot of eating, including the best brownie in the world, and a lot of chatting to people. The event was run really smoothly and, although drinks were expensive, Coca Cola were on hand to provide free ice cold bottles of Coke and there were water fountains everywhere you could use for free. My one big concern was concert toilets. 65,000 people and porter cabins were not floating my boat, but the whole set up was amazing and there were plenty of cubicles for everyone to use.

festival 5

The music was absolutely unreal. Both Tears For Fears and Elbow put on incredible performances and some smaller bands who kicked everything off did a fantastic job. The Killers came on at about 8:30. By this point I was knackered but nothing could dampen my spirit, I was ready to scream to Mr Brightside. This is the second time I have been to see The Killers and I can safely say, they are unreal! It sounds just like listening to the on the radio and their sets and varied and crowd pleasing. The visual effects were awesome and changed for every song. As it got darker, we knew it was time for Mr Brightside. Celebrated with a firework display, the atmosphere was amazing as the whole audience jumped up and down, screaming the words we all know so well.

festival 3

For priority tickets, we paid just under £80 each and the day was definitely worth it, however, food and drink while we were their cost another £70 on top of that. It was expensive but it isn’t very often you see people come together in such a fun, relaxed and sociable environment. Everyone was chatting to everyone and it was lovely to see so many people enjoying good weather and good music. If you get the chance, I would definitely recommend getting yourself tickets to Hyde Park events. If it’s a bit too expensive, pack up and picnic and sit outside and you can hear everything (although you didn’t get that from me) or, you can head in for free during days when there are no concerts and enjoy smaller local bands and a drink.

I’m in Huddersfield now, ready for my early morning flight to Rome. To follow more of my summer antics and see what I get up to over the next few months, make sure you follow me on Instagram and check out my stories. 

Jamie x 


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