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Beauty Favourites (and not-so-favourites) of the Month – May

It’s that time of the month again. This month has been a lot of revision and not a lot of trying new beauty products, but I have got some favourites and not-so-favourites to share with you guys!


First up, my favourites. This concealer has taken the blogging world by storm, and I know why! The Collection ‘Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer’ is one of the best (and cheapest) concealers I have used. It gives long and lasting coverage and is the only thing that seems to cover my dark circles. It doesn’t last ages so you’ll need to keep stocking up, but when its only £3.99, you can’t complain too much. If you’re still looking for your perfect concealer I would seriously recommend giving this a try.


Next is the best primer ever (in my opinion anyway…). The Lauren Geller ‘Spackle’ comes in loads of different shades, my personal favourite is champagne, or you can just go plain (as pictured below!). It really helps to prime my face and smooth out all my pores and imperfections before putting on my foundation. It’s super light and moisturising and doesn’t peel or flake off like many other primers I have used. Plus, they last forever (not literally!) because you only need a tiny bit. If I’m going on holiday I sometimes will only wear this as it gives your skin a nice glow without the hassle of foundation.

Side note: Sorry for the scabby picture… I really do love this product! 




I have not replaced my old MAC foundation but I thought I’d give the new Benefit ‘The Pore Fessional Pore Minimizing Make Up’ a try. I say I thought, my Mum thought and I thought I’d ‘borrow’ it for a day or so. I’ll be honest, I am not a massive fan of the primer and I’m not too crazy about this product either. Mum is really not too impressed either, with it coming off of her skin quite easily and highlighting her pores. I would definitely recommend trying this product out before committing to it. It only gives you a light coverage and does require a primer as well, despite already having a primer in the foundation. On the plus side, it comes with a handy little sponge at the bottom of the foundation so it’s perfect for application on the go. I wouldn’t use this as my everyday foundation but, if you know the MAC foundations, they are not exactly easily to transport and top up so it might make a nice addition to my on the go bag but I certainly won’t be relying on it for all day coverage. Sorry, Benefit


I really wanted to like this next product. As part of the Cosmopolitan goodie bag, we got a Beauty Pie ‘Beach Gloss’ in Naked Peach. If you haven’t heard of Beauty Pie it basically sells high-end make up products at warehouse price for a monthly subscription fee. I considered getting a subscription for 3 months (the shortest you can do), however, I was really not too impressed with this product and don’t think I spend enough on make up to justify a monthly contract. The lip gloss itself, although gives a good coverage for a gloss, is very sticky. The stickiness I can deal with but it does not stay on your lips too well either. Every time I have worn it I have been left with patches of peachy glitter left on my lips (not attractive at all!). I have not lost all hope just yet, they do loads of different products and some have really good reviews. If you have a subscription for the site, you would pay £2.02 which it is definitely worth. However, if not, it’s £15 which, in my opinion it is not worth.


So that’s what I’ve been loving and not loving this month! Let me know what you’ve been trying and what would make it on your Beauty Favourites (and not so favourites) this month. 

Jamie x

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