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BodyPower Purchases Review.

Incase you didn’t know, I went to BodyPower. Yes, I know… I’ve hardly mentioned it at all. Anyway, I got myself some goodies from the event that I have been trying out over the past week. Here’s all the things I got and what I thought of them…

  1. Strength Shop Olympic Flip Lock Collars 

These were actually one of my boyfriend’s purchase but, of course, I had to give them a go. My boyfriend got them because they are a lot sturdier and better quality than the spring collars at the gym which, after constant usage, start to become a bit lose and cannot hold as much weight. For me, I just found them far easier to actually get on and off the bar. I find some of the spring collars really dodgy and can be pushing and pulling for ages (a little embarrassing really…) but these just pop straight on and off. So simple, even I can do it. They’re £14.99 (although we paid £10 at the show) and are definitely worth the money if you’re looking to give your weight a little extra support or just want to make life easier for yourself.



2.  Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bars. 

If you’ve read my Fitness Wishlist, you’ll know I have had my eye on these for ages! With over 23g of protein per bar and low carbs and sugar, these are the perfect post gym snack. I got myself the Caramel Chaos, Chocolate Crunch and White Chocolate Cookie. The latter is absolutely unreal! Genuinely, I would take this bar over a chocolate bar, it is so so good! Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat the Chocolate Crunch (peanut allergies) so my boyfriend gave it a go. He personally found it a bit sickly but thought the texture was really good. I tend to find a lot of protein bars are really stodgy but these are far better. For the Caramel Chaos one, I decided to take some inspiration from my Instagram friends and melt it on top of my oats. They melt really well, taste delicious and it set me up nicely for the day. Would definitely recommend!



3. Strength Shop Chalk Ball 

Although it isn’t pink, I finally got my hands on some chalk and I would definitely recommend it if you’re struggling with your grip! Since using this, I have found that my grip is lasting way longer and I am able to take my weight without it letting me down. I find the chalk ball super practical and easy to use and for £3.49, you really can’t go wrong!



4. Gymshark Seamless Long Sleeved Top (Black Marl) 

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I am super impressed with this top. I was a little bit apprehensive. 1) It’s grey (it says black marl but it’s more grey) 2) It’s long sleeved. A combination of the two equals sweat patches. However, it’s meant to be dry so I decided to put it to the test. I really worked it and I was very impressed. I was dripping but my top showed no sign of sweat. Well done, Gymshark! I also really liked how it looked on. Will definitely be making another purchase from this collection!

5.  Gymshark High-waisted Flex Leggings (Black Marl) 

Another new release, these leggings are the comfiest things I have ever worn and they are super flattering. A note on the sizing: I got a large last time I got some Gymshark leggings and, although they fit okay, I got these in a medium and they are far better! I am usually a size 12-14 on the bottom so would buy a large if following the guidelines but if you want a tighter fit, I would probably go for the size down. Remember you can send things back as well if they don’t fit you and lots of people fit comfortably into 2 sizes. I love the fact they are high-waisted as I feel nicely ‘held in’ and they are definitely squat proof!!

gymshark clothes


6.  Strength Shop Thor Roller 

I spoke quite a lot about foam rollers in my recent post on injuries. I picked this one up from Strength Shop and I really like it. I paid £15 but it’s £24.99 to buy online, but I would definitely pay full price for this. Compared to the ones in the gym, the textured spikes really help to hit the knots in your muscle and prevent any injury. I’ll admit, it hurts a lot to use but it does get easier and it has made my workouts better and my recovery time quicker!

foam roller

So there you have it, all my purchases from BodyPower! I would love to know what you guys got, if you went, or if you have used any of these products. Any more questions just pop me a message.

Jamie x

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