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BodyPower Expo 2017

Now, I’ll be honest, my BodyPower Expo 2017 experience didn’t get off to the best start. After getting there at 9 only to realise our tickets weren’t valid until 10:30, I was not optimistic. However, after a quick ticket upgrade my hopes were restored. The place was absolutely packed with some of the biggest names in fitness. I had been in a total of 20 seconds when I was offered my first protein freebie of the day, the first of many I should add (macros, what macros?).

As we were in an hour and a half earlier than the standard ticket, we made the most of it and queued at USN to meet Ryan Terry. You will notice a general theme of this blog will be queuing. (BodyPower Top Tip: Take food and water because you will be queuing for hours!). After an hour of queuing we finally met Ryan. As Ryan trains at a gym in my home town, we hit it off right away! He was such a nice guy and made time for everyone, plus we got a free shirt and packet of protein so win win! Next up was another queue for one of my favourite athletes, Nikki Blackketter. It took a good 2 hours but it was definitely worth it. One thing I will say is that you are pretty rushed when meeting the athletes (for obvious reasons) but, again, she was so friendly and down to earth. They always say you shouldn’t meet your role model, but with Nikki this is definitely not the case.



Food time! If you’re looking for protein, you’re in the right place. I had a (very overpriced) low carb, high protein pizza and my first ever Grenade protein bar, which I would seriously recommend! I have one saved ready to melt on my oats tomorrow morning as well. After dinner I had to go and find Lauren Tickner who was with Xite. Although she was in a rush, she made time to take a picture with me and chat. She was so sweet and I got lucky because, the only time this can be said for the BodyPower experience, I didn’t have to queue. Now, Steve Cook on the other hand, that was a very different story… 4 hours later we made it to the front only to be informed they no longer had time and would have to just do quick selfies instead. Steve was not having any of this. Despite there being hundreds waiting and him being very pressured to speed it up, he made time for every single person and was such a lovely guy (he even said I should work for Gymshark… pop me a good word in would you, Steve?). 


After meeting all the athletes we had time for, I did a little bit of shopping (it would be rude not to, right?). I treated myself to the new high waist Gymshark leggings in black marl and the long sleeved seamless black top. If you’re interested in sizings or how they look on, you can check my Instagram story here. I also finally got myself some chalk and a foam roller from Strength Shop.

In hindsight, the day was amazing. I say in hindsight because, after 4 hours of queuing in a over heated cramped space when the front of the queue is not in sight, you begin to lose hope a bit. However, I would 100% go again. Despite the queuing and despite the overpriced food, I met some of my fitness inspirations and have come away feeling even more inspired and informed.

Massive thank you BodyPower Expo 2017 and to all the athletes. I’ll see you next year! 

Jamie x

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