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Oldies but Goldies.

I love trying out new make up but there are some products that I know I can always rely on. These are my ‘Oldies but Goldies’…


First up my go to foundation has got to be MAC studio sculpt foundation. I wear NC15 and it suits my skin perfectly. This product feels super light on the skin but still gives a good coverage. For everyday wear, one layer is more than enough but it is easy to build up for a more flawless finish if you like heavier coverage. It has a nice dewy finish without making my skin look greasy and lasts for ages (even longer if you finish with some MAC Prep and Prime – another one of my go to MAC products).


Next up, this was the very first contouring kit I ever bought and I still swear by it. ‘Sleek Face Form Contour and Blush Palette’ (I wear Medium 374) is a fab kit and really good value for money. The contour powder has a really nice matte finish and is so easy to blend in. If you like a little bit of glitter, the blusher/bronzer has a pretty sparkle to it and is great for the summer months when you’ve got a little bit of colour. Finally, although not the most ‘in your face’ highlighter on the market, the illuminating highlighter in the set has a lovely shimmery finish and you can easily build it up. I tend to where this highlight on a day to day basis as it isn’t too in your face. Having all three in one palette is also super practical and, at £9.99, this product is a steal!


Now for my going out highlighter. ‘Becca Shimmering Pressed Skin Perfector’ in Opal is highlight heaven. Super sparkly with a golden glow, this highlighter is my favourite for a night out. I only have a baby one at the minute (I will be getting a full sized one when this runs out!) but I also have a little ‘Becca Shimmering Skin Protector Spotlight’. The same colour as the pressed powder highlight, this is a liquid consistency with a precision applicator (a little bit like a lip gloss). I was a little bit sceptical at first as it feels quite ‘wet’ but it drys super quickly and leaves a gorgeous, lasting glow. A lot of liquid highlighters I have used in the past tend to go a bit ‘bitty’ and peel off but this doesn’t move! The precise tip also means it’s great for highlighting any awkward places.

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Next up is my daily mascara. I’ll be honest, after trying Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ I wasn’t too keen on trying out ‘Roller Lash’ as I really wasn’t a fan. However, I’d read some really good reviews and was struggling to find a decent mascara that worked for me so I thought I would give it a go and I’ve never looked back (cringe). Unlike ‘They’re Real’, which I found stayed ‘wet’ and left a lot of residue under my eye, ‘Roller Lash’ is a nice balance between setting and not drying out your lashes. It’s really easy to build and gives an almost false lash effect after a few coats. It does seem to run out quite quickly and isn’t cheap but it’s definitely worth giving a go if you’re still looking for that perfect mascara.


I am an absolute sucker for lipsticks and these are 2 of my absolute favourite brands! I couldn’t pick a favourite colour so I thought I would show you guys 2 contrasting colours I have in my make up bag depending on my mood.

First up is ‘NYX soft matte lip cream’ in London. NYX have such an amazing colour range at really affordable prices! They don’t last ages and have a bit of a reputation for drying out your lips, however, out of the matte lipsticks I have tried this is one of the best. I used to be a red lipstick girl everyday and so braving the world of nude was a big step for me and I found it really difficult to find a shade that suited me. With these lip creams, there is a colour to suit everyone! They have a flat applicator so are super easy to apply and, at less than half the price of a MAC lipstick, these are great if you are experimenting with a new shade (plus, you don’t feel quite as bad if they fall out of your bag on a night out…)


A bit of a different colour, next is MAC ‘Creamsheen lipstick’ in Hang-Up. Again, MAC have loads of different colours and they lipsticks have amazing staying power! I can be wearing it all day and hardly have to retouch it which is great, especially for darker lipsticks which can be a real pain. Hang-Up is one of the darker shades (although it comes out more pinky on my lips!) but they also do some gorgeous nudes. If you’re more into a matte finish there’s still plenty to choose from. They are pretty expensive at £16.50 but worth treating yourself! If you’re worried a colour won’t suit you, just ask to try it out.


Last but not least (I swear I’m not repping for MAC or anything!), is my MAC eyeshadow palette in warm neutral. This palette is so wearable, with a nice mix of different neutral shades (matte and shimmery). There’s 15 shades in the palette and, although I do have my favourites, there isn’t one I wouldn’t use which is unusual. Getting yourself a pre-made MAC palette is way more affordable than buying them individually (think this was around £50 as opposed to £100+) so it’s worth taking a look at them and seeing if any take your fancy. They aren’t all super pigmented but are easy to build up and seem to go on forever! Below are just a few of my favourite shades.


So there you have it, some of my ‘Oldies but Goldies’. It was really difficult to choose because I have so much in my make up bag I really couldn’t do without (maybe you’ll be seeing an ‘Oldies but Goldies 2.0’ at some point in the future!). What would be on your list?

Jamie x

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