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My Fitness Wishlist!

As a student, my budget can sometimes be a little tight, which means I have a huge fitness wish list accumulating full of things I have been eyeing up but haven’t had the chance yet to buy. I did recently order my first Gymshark outfit the other day ready for Body Power (any of you guys going?) so I am slowly but surely starting to tick things off! I thought I would share my wish list with you guys – would love to know if you’ve got any of these products and what is on your wish list.

  1. Gymshark Cropped Hoodie.  A new release it had, of course, sold out by the time I decided that I could justify spending £30. Don’t worry, I’ve asked to be emailed as soon as it’s back in stock so hopefully the next time you see this item it will be on a haul and not on a wish list! I have been looking for a hoodie of some sort for ages just to wear to and from the gym, particularly when it’s chilly. I have my eye on the sapphire blue marl just to add a bit of colour to my predominantly black gym wardrobe.
  2. Gymshark High Waist seamless leggings.  Another Gymshark item, another disappointed Jamie when I missed out on these as well! I am yet to try any Gymshark leggings but I have heard some pretty good reviews. I’m a big fan of the fact these are high waisted because I like to feel like all my wobbly bits are nicely tugged up. I have my eye on the black ones because it’s super flattering and goes with everything.
  3. Grasp Pink Liquid Chalk.  I know, I know – pink chalk is completely unnecessary but it’s also PINK CHALK!! I first saw this on Lauren Tickner’s latest YouTube video and got overly excited about the prospect. Apart from being pink, it does serve a very practical purpose. As you will know if you follow my Instagram, I struggle a lot with my grip, so I would really like to give chalk a try. Basically, the chalk absorbs all the sweat, adding more friction and (in theory) helping you keep your grip for longer. I am yet to try any chalk but I will get a review up as soon as I do to let you guys know how it worked for me. I can’t promise it will be this pink chalk but, hey, a girl can dream I suppose.
  4. Knee Sleeves (obviously pink again). Another one inspired by Lauren Tickner is knee sleeves. The basic purpose of a knee sleeve is to keep your knees warmer and, in doing so, prevent any injuries occurring. Another bonus, as Lauren talks about in her video (give it a watch if you’re stuck with anything!), is that it can make you more aware of your knees during your workout. This is something I could really benefit from during my squat as I have a bad tendency of bringing my knees in during later reps. I’m hoping that knee sleeves will help me to rectify this, as well as protecting my knees from any injury.
  5. Grenade Carb Killa protein bars. This one is inspired by seeing a lot of breakfasts on Instagram with these melted on top. I’ve yet to find a protein bar that I actually like but people really rave about these. They have loads of flavours from Caramel Chaos to Banana Armour. I tend to have protein bars (or my protein balls!) just after my more intense workouts. They’re not always necessary as a lot of the time I get what I need from food but if you’re pushed for time or struggling to hit your macros, these might be a good idea to try. More to the point, I’ve heard they taste pretty good!

So there you have it, my current fitness wish list. A really important thing to remember is that these things are not all necessary and weight training does not have to be a ridiculously expensive past time. When scrolling through Instagram it can be pretty easy to think that if you don’t have the latest releases you’re not as good – this is not the case at all!! When I first starting weight training I had it in my head I needed everything from squat shoes to wrist straps and you really don’t. These things can help support you on your journey but don’t rush into buying everything just because you see other people with them. Take your time to research and figure out what will work for you and help you to progress. 

Would love to know what you guys have on your fitness wish lists!

Jamie x


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