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Let’s talk about cardio…

It’s really no secret that I hate cardio. I try and do a tiny bit (and I really do mean a tiny bit!) just to work on my fitness. When I first started weight training, I was really scared to leave the treadmill behind and thought I was going to pile on the pounds. As I said in my last post, this is definitely not the case! This is not to say cardio is bad, but here are my top tips for if you’ve decided to still do cardio.

1) Don’t focus on hitting a certain amount of calories 

Slogging on the treadmill to reach a certain amount of calories can be really counter productive and it only shows a rough estimate anyway. I would recommend focusing on the intensity of your workout if you want to push yourself.

2) Do your weight training first (or do it on different days) 

I do 2 cardio sessions a week, both on upper body days and it’s always how I end my work out. If you’ve worn yourself out on the tread mill you’re not going to be achieving your full potential during weight training. It can be useful to split your days up, however, they can also be useful to do together and so I would recommend it on an upper body day.

3) Make sure you’re eating well 

You can’t do cardio on en empty stomach and trying to do so can actually lead to weight gain. Before every gym session I try to eat something light about an hour and a half to 2 hours before I start which helps me to go for longer and therefore get more from my workout.

4) Mix it up a bit 

You don’t have to be doing the same thing every single time you do cardio. Mix it up a bit and try different sorts of cardio. It’s not all about running for miles and miles, there are loads of videos that will give your some inspiration and help you spice up your cardio routine. It might make it a bit more exciting as well!

5) Make yourself a motivational soundtrack

Cardio really can be boring so listening to a motivational soundtrack really helps me out and makes me push myself a little bit further. Get yourself some tunes with a good beat that make you feel like you can kick that cardio’s arse! Let me know what’s on your soundtrack.

You don’t have to be doing cardio if you don’t want to but, if you do, try out some of these tips and let me know how it goes!

Jamie x


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